What People Around The Globe Say About SOHAIL and His “Mentor My Way” Blog


I’ve Been Waiting For The Perfect Moment To Write This, And I Think That The Tail End Of 8 March 2018 Is Just That Moment. I Am In Absolute Awe Of How Lucky I Am To Have The Compassionate, Engaged Mentor And Friend In You. I Appreciate You More Because Of The Road I’ve Travelled Is True I May Not Remember Everything You Said, But I Will Remember How Special You Made Me Feel. Thank You.

Your Prayer Support Encouragement And Motivation Has Meant Everything To Me As I Struggled With  Doubt, Exhaustion And Uncertainty. I Know That I Am Just Beginning On An Exciting Journey Of Growth, And I Have You To Thank For Showing Me The Way. I Am Glad That You Done All This For Me. I Only Hope That I’ll Be Able To Support And Encourage Others As You Have Supported And Encouraged Me.

Oleka A Chukwama
President – Believe House Foundation Network (BHFN)
Republic of BENIN

Congratulations Sohail, you are motivating so many people across the globe. Keep up doing good work. It helps people to be positive.

Head, Botany Department, Kakatiya University
Hyderabad, INDIA

Hay Sohail I read your “Message of D Day” Your Perception about Society and Situations is very deep. In my point of view You are a Great Scholar.


I have read several of Sohail’s blog posts for Mentor My Way, and it is refreshing to see that there are people on the other side of the globe from myself that are making an impact on people in a positive way. I, like Sohail as a life coach, and thrive on making a positive impact on peoples lives. Keep up the inspiration Sohail!

Russell Fugerer
Co-Founder & Professional Coaching Director at Global Motivational Force International (GMFI)
Athens, Wisconsin, USA

“The book twenty-one SODD & PODD arising from the author of “Mentor My Way” comprises chronicles that are inspiring which as well makes it interesting as there are pictures indicating vital speeches and daily memos presented by Sohail Ahmed. Indeed he has succinctly captured lessons to be learnt from all he conscientiously wrote at every stage thus it’s a story to be enjoyed and applicable to genuine life situations. For this, we could surmise that the author is really a guru in his field of endeavour” Please, read his work .

Talatu Ahmad
Lecturer at Federal College of Education Kano


Hello Sohail
I love the topics of your conference. I wish I lived closer so I could go. I did tweet the poster to all of my friends. I wish you the best of luck. Cheryl

Cheryl Watts MAL
Author / PWN International Board Member
Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA

Hi Sohail, Love your choice of Quotes. Keep them coming! All the Best

Thank you God Also Thank You Sohail for sharing the Quote with Us and reminding Us to be grateful.

Freelance Facilitator
Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA

That’s Incredible Sohail. Thanks a lot for sharing. I know exactly what Bilal was going through…..

Anti-Bullying Speaker and Coach
Vancouver, CANADA

Sir indeed your Blog have been helpful in many ways. Were do you get inspirations? You are a treasure and i want to acknowledge what a great person you are and all the wonderful things you do to make this universe a brighter place. Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated. I hope you know you have impacted so many peoples lives. Thanks the world need more of you.

Oleka Anthony
Evangelist – PTF Community

Republic of BENIN

Just read the Story, I have to say it made my day.

Professor, Rajabhat Suandusit University

Dear Mr. Sohail
You are doing a Great Service by Spreading Positivity through Your Blog.
Thanks a lot, and Congrats for a Nice Job. Keep It Up.

Prof. Jagdish Khatri
Director, Sanskaar College of Management
Allahabad, INDIA

Great Story Sohail!!
And many thanks to You for this Great Human Present to all of Us! – Let Us not forget that technology will do nothing, If there is no Human Spirit behind it. Many thanks Sohail for this Great Contribution!

Chairman & Principal of STERN INTERNATIONAL
Madrid, SPAIN

What a Nice Inspirational Story to Use in a Classroom.

Assistant Lecturer, UNIVOTEC

Mr. Sohail I have gone through the Blog www.mentormyway.wordpress.com and really thankful to You for such Wonderful Stories.

CEO, ABCD Academy
Chennai, INDIA

I Was Thoroughly Blessed, Motivated & Inspired. Great Work! Many, Many Thanks.

Director – Practical Solutions Ltd

Very Nice Story, Thank You for Sharing It.

Master Behavioural Coach, Life in Harmony

Sohail, Thank You so much for the Quote today. You have no Idea how much I needed it. Many Blessings to you.

ANGELA CASSEL, CMSgt, US Air Force (Ret)
Motivational Speaker, Independent Consultant, Speech Analyst
Tennessee, USA

Mr. Sohail Ahmed has command over words and can make them to part of your life. Great inspiring & motivating blogs, articles, story books are the assets of his journey and on the way he is contributing in lives. Much appreciated thoughts. I wish him best in his journey.

Narendra B Deshmukh
Web Business | Fashion House | Films & Media | Consulting | Entrepreneur
Mumbai, INDIA


Sohail You Are An Inspiration For So Many. You Are Making Difference In People’s Life By Encouraging, Guiding, Mentoring and Inspiring Them. Your Work Is Making Positive Impact In The World. I Wish You All The Best For Your Life’s Mission To Make This World A Better Place.

Jyotima Prasad
Entrepreneur & Life Coach
Princeton, New Jersey, USA

Hi Sohail,

You are truly a great soul or spirit shall I say. Wonderful experience and awe inspiring stories you share with us. I am grateful and I am sure the others too. My favourite of all the moral messages is ” Keep doing good to others even when the appreciation is not coming right there and then”.

Vikas Verma

“I would like to say it proudly that i am in the list of close friends to Sohail Ahmad. I did Aspire TTT with him and learnt a lot in his fellowship. During the assignments i could observe him as a very impactfull trainer and a very balanced individual. His way of understanding people and situations is very unique which later got reflected in his blogs and stories. He deserves to be where he is today and will be reaching to the heights shortly.
All the best dear friend. ”

Training Manager at Kriti Prakashan Ltd.
Lucknow, INDIA

Thank You for Sharing! This is a Powerful and Beautiful Article.

Sonja Sells
Breath Inspired Radio Host
Dallas, USA

I like this type of Programme. Thanks Sabuj

Q.A. Manager, Li & Fung Bd Ltd

Wow this is a Wonderful Story. Thanx Sohail.

H.R. Manager, Protea Hotel Mbale

Very Interesting read. Thanks for Sharing.

Regional Manager, British American Tobacco

Sohail Ahmed thank you to you, it’s a beautiful story
whose should follow the example every day!
Helene Valentin
Internal communications, relational artists Vitrinart – Online promotion musicians
Lyon Area, FRANCE

Sohail is all or nothing professional, with deep focus, commitment, and great inspiring personal story. I have gained numerously from his inspirational work, sharing, and experiences, especially in promoting social entrepreneurship at Mentor My Way Inc. His blog is amazing, and his posts are refreshing. Good Job Sohail, i completely recommend you.

Joint MD at Treazures Limited

I am very pleased with the impact that Sohail is having with his career around the world. His impact is very contagious and is beginning to spread to those whose share similar ideals and concepts for social business ventures. I recommend his vision to those that need more insight into things to come.

Tyrone Brackens
Founder & Educator at DSLAB Technologies, Inc
New York, USA

The success of an entrepreneur largely depends on following six factors and Mr Sohail has been dedicated and committed to his cause through these factors. He has been wonderfully well as a social entrepreneur. As a Founder & Chief Mentor at Mentor My Way Inc. he is second to none. His blogs have very rapidly caught the attention of the world. I wish him an expeditious success in his career and future endeavours.

Liaquat Ali
Secretary, Rajya sainik Board, Govt of Tripura
Agartala, INDIA

Hello Mr. Sohail
Seen the blog and your entreprenurial zeal. I am a HR professional and a Professor. Would like to speak to you to explore ways of working together.

Naqueeb Alam
Regional Head- HR and Administration Voltas Ltd.

Hi Sohail
I liked your motivational story, and I am going to share this in my training programme. I show the participants some motivational stories and messages daily before starting class.

Sundaram Thirumalai Eachambadi
Chief Mentor and Director at Sri Vaari Technology Consultants
Chennai, INDIA

Wonderful comment. Thank You.

Dale Collett
Inspirational Speaker @ dalecollett.co.bw

This is such a special quote!! Thank you for posting it.

Petra Stratford
Senior Recruitment Consultant at LA Intronet
Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA

Love this story. I agree we must try and try and if you fail try again and never give up. You will get there.

Mollie Wilmot
Counselling & Developmental Coaching
California, USA

You’re absolutely right about learning from other’s mistakes. Just take a look at history.

Beverly Wallin
Entrepreneur, Author & Speaker at Transfiguration Counselling
British Columbia, CANADA

Nice one Sohail – I wish I had learned to appreciate my parents sooner. Thanks for sharing this with the group.

Ross Page
Founder and Owner of TOM International

Words, voice, rain, and thunders!! All are relevant but only in the right place, at the right time, and for the right reason. GREAT QUOTE!!

Ivory Dorsey
Professional Speaker, Trainer, and Facilitator
Greater Atlanta, USA

Now following you on Twitter. Love the story about the frogs and the difference between doing and deciding. Good intentions are never enough. Life, in all its aspects is all about ACTION. Thanks for the reminder.

Julie Ann Sullivan
The Attitude Enhancer at Learning Never Ends
Greater Pittsburgh, USA

Hi Sohail,
I’m delighted by this simple yet powerful message.

Anant Sharma
Talent Acquisition Manager at Adani Mining Pvt Ltd
Gurgaon, INDIA

Dear Sir
I liked the approach…Think out of the box…and to turn failure to success

Neeru Kumari Jha
Freelancer Communication Skill Trainer
New Delhi, INDIA

Just read the story I have to say it just made my day

Saumyajit Guha
Head, BD, STEP TBI, Incubation Labs, IIT Kharagpur
Kolkata, INDIA

Inspiring! Motivating! Exciting! This story, and others similar, I believe is a guide for life. Thank you for sharing it with us!

Alexia Vernon
Author, Speaker & Media Personality
Las Vegas, USA

It seems I have read this before. nevertheless it is a good one. continue such stories…thanks

Pradyumna Kp
Former Chief Manager, State Bank of Mysore
Mysore, INDIA

Thanks for sharing such a nice story, which is worth boosting one’s moral….. Jazak Allah..

Tasneem Sarwar
HR OFFICER at Liaquat National Hospital

May be there was fewer hands raised every time, the value may not change by such circumstances but fewer people will accept you because of your appearance

Tarek Khalil
Professor, Ain Shams University, Egypt

Good One Sohail. Only he can understand the above, who has going thru it. Thanks again

Leslie Thomas
Manager – Campus Initiatives at TALENTEDGE
Bhopal, INDIA

Wow good inspiration there…..thanks keep the good works

Esmond Tampam
Student at Ghana Institute of Management

Thank you for this analogy!!

Antoni Lacinai
Facilitator, Speaker & Author at Lacinai Communication
Blekinge County, SWEDEN

Very heart touching and motivational story it is.

Seema Qureshi
Managing Director at GENIE the virtual info-bank
Indore, INDIA


That was truly a beautiful way to put across the practice of a spiritual thought cum action, while giving a simple & effective example of creative thinking. Even though I have come across this story earlier, I still found it refreshing!

Sunder Lalvani
Head Academics, Nucleus Global Centre for International Education

Good Morning Sohail!

Your daily raindrops are much more effective than my thunderstorms!
Have a great day, Sohail!

Ronald C. Stern
Chairman and Principal of STERN INTERNATIONAL
Madrid, SPAIN

Good advice. There would be peace on earth if the world would follow this. Rodger

Rodger Anderson
Real Estate Developer, Governmental Strategist & Speaker
Florida, USA

 Insightful! Thanks for sharing.

Daisy Varun
Independent Training Facilitator, Coach and Therapist
Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA

Thank you, Sohail. Another inspirational story for us. Always gently reminding us what attitude we should have towards others.

Freelance Facilitator
Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA

 Interesting work…very inspirational…way to go Ahmed…!!!

Principal Partner at Law Pronto

Great story. Thanks for sharing.
I have a daughter and I pray she would open the door for me. Blessings.

Enjoy Life

Public Speaker @ JaredWockenfuss.com
Texas, USA

What People Around The Globe Say About SOHAIL First Book
“21 SODD & PODD” – A Motivational Stories & Inspirational Pictures Book

“You did a great job Sohail on this project. I may share this on my GMFI group for my next Motivational Monday article.”

Russell Fugerer


Its a great time to read the SODD / PODD. When I started reading, I just got involved with words & its amazing, inspiring & motivating stories. One drop of water can fulfill the thirsty person. Hope Soon It will be an Ocean. My best wishes with you & would love to learn more from you.

Narendra B Deshmukh
Maharashtra, INDIA

Hello Sohail, just quickly downloaded my free copy, thanks so much for being an inspiration.Please keep up the good work,very enriching. Hopefully will share with friends and colleagues.

Talatu Ahmad

Great piece of work Sohail. Thanks for sharing. God Bless…..

Eswarlal B Krishnamoorthy
Tamil Nadu, INDIA

“Your book 21 SODD & PODD ..we can & we will….Vision-Passion-Innovation… Is an excellent eye opener for many who are casuals in life and a great motivational guide for Everyone”.Motivational Stories & Inspirational Pictures Book is worth keeping referring on regular intervals.
“This being your first book,  you have started off very well and I wish many more to follow with unprecedented success”. Sohail Ahmed All The Best

Manjunath Chintamani
Karnataka, INDIA

Hi Sohail, Just downloaded “21 SODD & PODD” and read through it. It is beautifully compiled. Loved every page of it. I even shared it with my entire team. We are eagerly waiting for the next edition. Congratulations!

Kevin Birdsturgeon
Madhya Pradesh, INDIA

Great piece of work. Great thought.

Saravanan Palani
Tamil Nadu, INDIA

Very inspiring, thanks for the wonderful piece.

Talatu Ahmad

Globo Events LLP
Karnataka, INDIA

Nice gesture extended by you Sohail …. Keep the good work on .. god bless you.

Manoj Shrivastava
Madhya Pradesh, INDIA


Sandhya S Pathak
Haryana, INDIA


What People Across The Globe Said About “WoWbySOHAIL” Series Which Was Released Worldwide on 09th January 2017.


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